Family in grief after toddler drowns

You may think after you've set your toddler in front of the television set tuned into their favorite show, it will buy you some time to get your chores done around the house, but if you let them out of your sight for too long they're gone in the blink of an eye. 

A mother of 5 is now left to grieve the loss of her littlest one after he drowned near his home in Claxton Bay. Thirty one year old Melissa Lee reportedly left her 5 year old son Tafari Mackenzie watching television to go wash clothes at the back of the house around 1pm on Monday (Jan 11th). When she went to check on him two hours later he was missing. A Neighbour reportedly told her that Tafari was playing when he fell into the nearby sea. The family lived at Old Train Line in St. Margaret's. 

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