"Pressure Does Buss Pipe"

What kind of pressure are children under these days during exam time, that would make them think it's better to be dead than go on in life after having failed an examination ? As parents and care givers what are we doing to our children? Often we hear that the results of these examinations shape the rest of an individual's life so the pressure is on from parents, teachers, the accomplishments of siblings and even from fellow classmates. How though,could that drive a child to ultimately feel that there is no way out but passes or death? Is there no support system in place for our children who feel trapped in this manner?

Seventeen year old Aleisha Bridgeman certainly thought that there was no way out when she decided to take her own life on Monday (Jan 11th). She was a form four student of Mayaro Secondary School. Reports indicate that the teenager failed an examination after which she got into a disagreement with a relative. She was later found hanging at her home in Upper Hillview, Readymix Village in Mayaro. Was this disagreement in relation to the exam or was it just the timing of it so soon after the bad results that caused the young girl to take her life? 

While speaking to the media on Tuesday ( Jan 12th) relatives said Bridgeman was depressed after failing the exam because she was always a straight A student. Her mother said she had been showing signs of depression since last Friday (Jan 8th)but one would not think that it would get to this stage.  She was described as a well behaved, quiet young lady one who would be missed by family and peers alike. Relatives took the opportunity to send a message to all young people that no matter how depressed they may feel suicide is not the answer. 
"Don’t do it. No matter how hard things might seem in the moment...hold on as it will get better." or as another age old idiom says "This too, shall pass"

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