‘Reputed Gang Leader’ Killed By Police At 26

At age 26 Stefan “Twelve Teeth” St. Louis has already been labelled as ‘a reputed gang leader’ by police, whom they claimed was well known and carried multiple previous convictions and pending charges for violent crimes.

What is this young man’s story and how many other ‘reputed gang leaders’ are ‘we’ cultivating in this country?

Government and society quickly gets the blame but what about the individual. When are ‘we’ going to accept that on some level the onus is also on ourselves and refrain from placing blame elsewhere for our situations in life.

Life, just like AIDS, does not discriminate. We are not all afforded the same luxuries but we have a mind to chose to do the right thing or do the wrong thing. Sometimes if not most, when we choose the ‘fast life’ a ‘fast death’ follows.

That was case of St. Louis after officers of the Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) went to Eastern Quarry in Laventille to arrest him around 4:45am on Saturday (Jan 9th), in connection with a shooting which took place a couple months ago. However St. Louis was shot several times after police claimed they were fired upon first when they called out to him.

Louis was reportedly armed with a .45 calibre pistol. Ballistic testing will be carried out on the alleged weapon to determine if it was used in any recent murders or shootings. 

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