Digicel's new product to "change TV in T&T"

With all the hype of Machel being signed by Digicel last Thursday (Jan 7th), did anyone realize that Digicel actually launched a new product that night? DigicelPlay, a fibre to home service offers the fastest internet service of over 25 megabytes , landline and multi-channel packages to customers in Trinidad and Tobago. CEO of DigicelPlay T&T, Garvin Medera said the service is differentiated by its broadband, TV offerings and landline. He said "we can boast today of having the highest download and upload speeds in any home in the country…our speeds range all the way to one GB per second." 

The TV offering also reportedly delivers up to 200 hours of cloud video recording, exclusive Digicel Sportmax packages, exclusive multi-device in-home functionality among others, with the landline inclusive of a free handset.

Meanwhile John Suranyi, the CEO of DigicelPlay for the region, sought to explained the difference between fibre and cable. He said “when people talk about having fibre, I want to be careful to be sure they are talking fibre to the home.  A lot of competitors have what is called hybrid fibre coaxial , it’s a combination of fibre and the old cable. If you put it in simple terms, if you have a water hose and you went home and that hose is split to service several homes at night and everyone turns on the hose, the pressure goes down. In this case it’s like having your own water pipe at home from DigicelPlay.” 

DigicelPlay comes with standalone and triple play packages, with a quad play package to be offered in the future.

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