' GunMen'Moving 'Bold-Faced'

With the criminal element crawling their way out of the cracks and making all these day light appearances, one needs to ask, are they feeling the brunt of the law or law enforcement as any significant weight on their shoulders? Is there a sense of discouragement after we've "increased patrols?" Why is it that it can be interpreted that the criminal element can carry out their agenda without any fear of retribution? And what about the young impressionable minds who may interpret that "crime does pay" or "do the crime don't do the time"? According to Education Minister, Anthony Garcia the shooting of two men outside the Belmont Government Primary School and Providence Girls' Catholic School last Thursday (Jan 7th) and similar incidents should not be allowed to occur. There was also a separate incident where armed intruders entered the compound of the Our Lady of Laventille RC Primary School last Thursday and Friday (Jan 7th & 8th). He said that all schools must be a safe place for children, teachers and supporting staff alike and together with the National Security Ministry, Garica has given the assurance that both Ministries will work together to ensure that safety is maintained at the nation's schools. The Minister's comments came as the shooting incident occurred during school hours and was witnessed by teachers and students, who have reportedly been left traumatized. The students of all three schools are currently receiving counselling from the Education Ministry's Student Support Services Division, Guidance Officers and School Social Workers assigned to the schools.

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