Who is Protecting Our Children?

With the recent surge of crimes being committed against children the question must be asked "are we really doing all we can to protect the future of the nation"? And while it may be commonly convenient to "blame the government" and to "blame society" for "our" problems, it should be noted that it's not only charity that begins at home. How often do we give our children the attention they not only deserve but need? How often do we listen to our children and take time to communicate with them besides allowing the TV to be their only companion or, in more recent times, having them build a relationship with their smart phones and tablets rather than teaching them how to be a member of society. A senior member of the Police Child Protection Unit has issued a call to parents and care givers to listen to their children and place very close attention to them especially during the Carnival season and thereafter. From May to December 2015 there were 1358 reported crimes committed against children. According to Sergeant Valarie Hospedales 500 of the reports were of a sexual nature, that is sexual penetration and sexual touching. She explained that some of the issues they face on a daily basis are rape and buggery among others. Noting that "children are the first victims", Hospedales encouraged parents to pay close attention and listen to the disclosures children may give and then come forward with the information. 

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