Trumpet's Bubble Floats into Soca Monarch Semis

Backed by ‘the public outcry’ Richard Trumpet has been added to the list of semi-finalists for the International Soca Monarch competition, with his track “Bubble”. Trumpet, a radio announcer at Red967fm, was left out of the listing which was released earlier this week however after fans took to social media to launch their complaints it snowballed into an online petition gaining huge recognition so much so that a decision was made to include the budding soca star in the competition. Trumpet toldTSAccess that while he was happy that the people noticed his talent and basically campaigned for him to be included, he felt as though it shouldn’t have to take the public outcry for it to happen. A jovial Trumpet with his ‘million dollar smile’ did admit the experience has been a bit of an ego booster. Bubble was written by Trumpet and produced by Jesse John of Optimus Productions mixed by Shamel Seaton of Optimus Productions and mastered by Nikholai Greene

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