Police don't rule out link between Fire and Audit at WASA

Investigators into yesterday's ( Jan 5th ) fire which broke out at the Head Office of the Water and Sewage Authority (WASA), have not ruled out the possibility that it was a deliberate act connected to the ongoing audit being carried out into the company. They are currently awaiting a report from fire officials who are yet to confirm the cause of the blaze. 

Head of Corporate Communications, Daniel Plenty sought to assure customers that the fire will not affect their water supply and that no sensitive information was lost. 

He said all documents were already backed up on the computer system as a general precaution.  

However, unconfirmed reports from workers at the office today indicate that most automated systems are currently unavailable and workers have been returned to pre-computer days in order to perform their duties.

It was just before 5pm yesterday that a fire reportedly started on the second floor of Block B. Fire officials were contacted and quickly contained the blaze.

Last month several senior executives were sent on leave pending investigations, due to 'irregularities'

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