Flow Continue to Lose Channels but ZeeTv Stays

Flow customers have only until the end of this month to view their favourite Indian soap operas and movies as the cable company seeks to remain in line with a directive from the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago(TATT) for local cable providers to remove channels which they do not have intellectual property rights. PBS, CW, My33 and WGN have already been removed.

However, negotiations have taken place with Zee TV, Zee Cinema and Ten Cricket to remain available until January 31st despite the public spat that seemed to play out between the two in a recent marketing campaign visible in local media. According to Flow via a release, "in the interest of our customers, Flow and Zee have agreed to resume negotiations regarding carriage of the Zee channels and hope to come to a beneficial agreement for all concerned by January 31, 2016."

Flow also indicated that new channels such as TBS International, Cala Classic, Cala Western and Disney XD among others will be introduced for the month of January.


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