Tribe ICE: The Insane Cooler Experience 2016 Review

It was an evening to bring your cooler and fete to your heart's content as Tribe Carnival kickstarted the Trinidad and Tobago 2016 Carnival Season with Tribe ICE: The Insane Cooler Experience, on Saturday January 2nd at the Jean Pierre Complex, Port of Spain.

The promoters at Tribe said they wanted to make sure that patrons had the ultimate fete experience and from the moment one stepped into the venue the warm atmosphere, smiles of the promotion girls and extraordinary stage design set the tone for a night one may not soon forget.

The crowd at Tribe Ice was an exceptional one, a fact seen by the long lines outside the venue that snaked around before the event started at 10pm. Tribe showcased how far it had come from when the event first started eight years ago. Back then the capacity was at 1200 people, but now they have grown to 4500, with a hype that has very much been worth it.

With the increase in crowd size, parking was a small issue, however the security across the venue was ever present and one felt safe even if some had to take a little walk from their cars.

The vibe of the entire evening was kept at a constant high with a string of popular DJs that included the likes of DJ Trevlyn: The Voice and DJ Private Ryan. They blazed the trail, keeping the crowd excited and wanting ever more with the latest popular soca and more is exactly what patrons got when the artists graced the stage.

Shal Marshall came out to party and caused a mad scene, Lyrikal made the ladies dip and roll, the Trintiguan Ricardo Drue showed everyone that he was indeed a professional drinker, mashing up the stage with his latest hits and proving why he likes to fete hard.

Kees also made his presence felt as he came out to jump hard with his people, wowing the crowd and getting everyone excited for what else is in store for the rest of the Carnival season

Tribe’s sponsors had various booths set up around the venue. These included Carib Brewery, Unilever with Axe Body Spray, White Oak and Monster Energy Drink among others. They provided drinks, party favours and many other promotional items that greeted the patrons the moment they stepped into the venue. Carib also hosted a photo and slow motion video booth, which allowed for revellers to take photos and videos with Carib Promo girls that were later uploaded to the brand’s social media platforms.

For those that didn’t feel the need to tote heavy coolers , they were easily accommodated with a variety of booths serving items from gyros, pretzels and chicken and chips, to doubles with slight. The drinks were on point as well with the bars stocked with Hennesy, Johnnie Walker, White Oak and all the other usual suspects that will make the shots never stop. If one was in the VIP section, all of those goodies were for free.

However, it didn’t matter where you were in the fete because the vibes were equally shared throughout. A fact highlighted when the rhythm section came out to play in the middle of the venue when things started winding down.

Iron on iron, the beat of the drum, one would think it was J’ouvert morning and the party was only just getting ready to take it on the road. A fantastic end to the night's proceedings that went up to 5:00 am Sunday morning.

Tribe Ice: The Insane Cooler Experience, announced to the world that Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2016 has begun!

We look forward to what else the band has in store for us for the remainder of the Carnival Season.

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