A Mother's Hero Succumbs

It was just over two Sundays ago that thirteen year old Nathan Campo became a hero when, in the face of danger and certain death, he stood up to protect his mother and sister from a cutlass wielding intruder at their home in Las Lomas.


Sadly, after being treated at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex for chop wounds to his head which left him on life support, the young hero of the day succumbed to his injuries around midday yesterday (Jan 3rd).

His mother has since been discharged after being treated for injuries.

Reports indicate that Campo sprung into action without hesitation to shield both his mother and sister when the assailant, who is still at large, entered their front yard and began attacking his mother with a cutlass.


Nathan Campo was a Form Two student of Trinity College East. Today, his classmates return to school to face and empty chair where once sat this brave youth who died as a man, shouldering the responsibility that comes with being a brother and son, a protector and a hero.

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