Government Speaks out on Fireworks

It would seem that for some the novelty of fireworks have long worn off and what was once a marvel to enjoy has now become a nuisance. 
With so many citizens and groups taking to social media to vent on their slowly withering tolerance for the loud spectacle, Government heard the cry of the people and plans on doing something about it.  

Minister in the Attorney General’s Office, Stuart Young spoke out on the chaos caused by and during fireworks, drawing reference to the incident where an infant was burnt after a scratch bomb was hurled at a woman, subsequently injuring the child. He also expressed serious concern over footage of a ‘fireworks war’, where young men were seen aiming fireworks at each other to ring in the New Year.

Young took the opportunity to send condolences to the families of a six year old boy and a 68 year old woman, who were shot and killed under the guise of fireworks booming on New Years morning.

Young said “I have noted with a certain level of the concern the spate of fireworks activities over the last few days, and in particular the very sad occurrence that took place allegedly under the cover of firework activity.”

“All of these activities have raised a level of personal concern, and I intend to have discussions with my cabinet and we will have to take discussion about it at a policy level, as to whether we deal with this legislatively."

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