10 Month Recovery for Cummings After Surgery

“Firstly I want to thank the Almighty Lord for bringing me through this. I am relieved at the moment. I would like to thank my family and teammates, the national team management and the TTFA for their support over the last few days. 
This was a very difficult time in my life but I am thankful that with rehab, I will be able to make a comeback." 

It would seem that it would take more than a bullet in the leg to break the spirit of the resilient Keron Cummings, whose surgery was deemed a success with 10 months recovery time. 

Cummings, a national senior men's midfielder, has been warded at the Port of Spain General Hospital since Sunday (Dec 27th), after being shot once in the leg by an unknown assailant. Dr. Marlon Mencia and his team performed the surgery while TTFA medical consultant, Dr. Mario John observed. 

Dr. John explained that the thigh bone (femur) was fractured and a rod was placed into the femur to stabilize the fracture. But with the 27 year old's level of fitness, Dr. John believes he will have a speedy recovery. 

T&T head coach Stephen Hart said "This is very good news for the  player and also for us. We have kept him in our prayers and we are thankful for the outcome. He will have our support throughout this and it is important now that the follow up care and the rehab process goes well for him.”

Meanwhile the national Senior team continue its preparations for the Copa America qualifier with Haiti, with a training session this
morning (Dec 31st) at the Manny Ramjohn Stadium.

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