Missing Money from your Bank Account?

You are not alone as cyber crime has reached the shores of T&T in a big way as widespread reports of unauthorised withdrawals from citizens' bank accounts were reported over the christmas weekend.  Today, several victims converged on home branches to seek some form of redress with RBC accounts being the main source of complaints. There were however, instances of victims in other banks indicating they have also been affected. Contact with sources within the banks indicate that as of now the "skimming" of clients data has been linked to cards used in West Mall on Christmas Eve. However, some victims indicated that they had filed complaints weeks before.


"Skimming" is the term used to describe the act of stealing the information from a person's debit or credit card when it is swiped and then transferring this data to another card to be used. The victims were informed that the withdrawals occurred overseas. The bank has indicated that they are seeking to address the situation and that some clients have already been reimbursed the missing funds.



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