Candidates file their nomination papers

Across the country candidates from all political parties filed their nomination papers for the upcoming General Election on September 7th 2015.

From as early as nine o’clock one of the first to file was the Congress Of the People’s (COP) St Augustine candidate Prakash Ramadhar who then accompanied the United National Congress’s (UNC) Caroni Central candidate Dr Bhoe Tewarie as he filed at around ten o’clock. Prakash Ramadhar said Dr Tewarie is still a member of the COP but is contesting on a UNC ticket.

Former Congress Of the People, People’s Partnership, and Alliance Of Independents member- and social activist, Philip Edward Alexander spoke to the media while Dr Rowley filed his papers, saying he has been fielding a lot of support and is without a doubt in the race. Alexander said he greeted the COP’s Avonelle Hector Joseph and had a pleasant exchange with People's National Movement's (PNM) Dr Keith Rowley prior to the filing.

Speaking to members of the media at his Diego Martin West Constituency office following the filing of his papers, Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley addressed allegations laid against him by former Express Newspaper reporter Anika Gumbs. Gumbs accused Rowley of inappropriate behaviour toward her on several occasions in a resignation letter to the paper.

Rowley said Gumbs’ letter was “carefully constructed” and his legal team advised that the letter took more of the form of a witness statement than a resignation letter. Dr Rowley said the letter was written to the point where “slander was discerned but did not rise to the level of a criminal offense.”

The Opposition Leader said that since a criminal offense was not committed, that’s why the police were not involved. “And that is what I have to live with the rest of my life,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Independent Candidate for San Fernando West Jowelle DeSouza filed her papers and in speaking to the media said the public is fed-up of the two political parties, and this election is about “meeting the people.” De Souza is going up against the People’s National Movement’s Faris Al-Rawi, and the United National Congress’s (UNC) Raziah Ahmed.

Independent Liberal Party (ILP) political leader, and Chaguanas East Candidate Jack Warner, filed his papers. He will be taking on the UNC’s Dr Tim Gopeesingh and the PNM’s Parbatee Maharaj. Gopeesingh replaces Stephen Cadiz as the Partnership’s candidate for the constituency.

The Prime Minister filed her nomination papers for Siparia at around one o’clock, going up against the PNM’s Vidya Deokiesingh.

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