Mother's Plea: Be Vigilant

"My daughter was very lucky that she passed out and the men did not get to do what they wanted and so she lived to tell the story...but the other person might not be so lucky."

A mother from Moruga recounted what happened to her teenaged daughter and is now appealling to the women in this country who travel alone, especially young vulnerable women to be ever vigilant, after her daughter was abducted while on her way to Gulf View Medical Centre on Friday (Dec 18th). 

The teen suffers from sickle-cell anaemia and was on her way to seek treatment. The mother, in keeping her and her daughter's indentity unknown, took a brave step to approach the media and tell her story in hope of preventing another young woman from being a victim.

She recalled that her daughter went to San Fernando where she got into the back seat of a silver car by Lapique Plaza with other passengers heading to Gulf City. The driver reportedly dropped off all other passengers but kept her in the car then drove past Pizza Hut and SuperPharm, where he took up two other men. One of the men got into the back seat and began choking the teen until she passed out. She recalled waking up in the vicinity of PriceSmart in La Romain naked with her clothes scattered in the bushes. 

The mother said her daughter is very lucky because a medical exam revealed the teen was not raped and believes because her daughter passed out for some hours the attackers thought her dead and abandoned their henious intentions. She is pleading with women to be aware of thier surroundings and to make note of things such as the licence plate of cars and the type of car in which you travel. She also urged women to make use of their camera phones and alert someone when entering public transport vehicles.

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