HDC Director Sent Home on Paid Leave

In a shocking move yesterday the Housing Development Corporation (HDC), Managing Director and 6 other managers were sent on immediate administrative leave until March 2016.

The decision was made yesterday at the first Board of Directors meeting under the new Chairman Newman George.  The board was said to be of the opinion  that some members of management could not remain at the HDC while an internal audit is conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers,  to review the corporations dealings.

Managing Director, Jearleane John, believes that the decision was politically driven, dismissing claims that she was aligned with either the People’s Partnership (PP) or the People’s National Movement (PNM).  John has called for the findings of the audit to be made public, and to not only focus on the 2010-2015 period of the PP administration, but to also include the terms under the PNM.

The other managers sent on leave include HDC’s Chief Legal Officer Indira Mc Farlane- Lee; Chief Construction Engineer Aaron Chadee; Corporate Secretary Ann Mahabir; Division Manager Amalee Carter; Manager Corporate Communications External, Rory Moses and Manager of Settlements Renatta Jones. 

Corporate Services Manager, Brent Lyons, will be the Acting Managing Director.

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