Sad Situation for Major Carnival Shows

"It's a sad situation if that may happen because it was a way of helping the traditional art form to live on." That was the view of Queen of Chutney, Drupatee Ramgoonai to Access News, in response to reports that the traditional element of the Chutney Soca Monarch may be dropped in the face of Government's allocation deduction.

During yesterday's (Dec 17th) Post Cabinet news briefing, it was revealed that the two major players in Carnival competition, the Chutney Soca Monarch and the International Soca Monarch will receive a reduction on their state funding. CSM will now receive $2.9 million down from the previous $4.8 million, while the International Soca Monarch will be allocated $3.5 million as opposed to the previous $8 million. 

George Singh, founder of the CSM, reportedly said that the nearly half reduction is a "serious concern" and although the introduction of the traditional element last year made the competition more "interesting and exciting", there is a possibility the category may have to be sacrificed. He noted however, that a meeting will be held with artistes before any official statement can be made.

Meanwhile, Drupatee, who is currently performing assignments abroad in Houston Texas at this time, told Access News that in light of this she hopes for the best. Her traditional song for 2016 titled "Cham Cham Baaje Payalia" is due to be released on December 18th. The name "Payalia", as the songstress explained, is the anklets women wear and the song, in turn, describes the sounds they make when you dance. The Chutney diva has several releases for the year already under her belt with "Chamkay" being a solo act, then Queen of Chutney meets the Queen of Bachannal Destra in "Wuk Yuh Waist" and "Come Nah" with Mr. Renzo.

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