Nakhid’s FIFA Appeal Fails

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has denied the appeal submitted by T&T’s David Nakhid over FIFA's refusal to accept his candidacy for the presidential election.

The former Trinidad and Tobago captain’s presidential bid was deemed ineligible by the FIFA Ad-hoc Electoral Committee (AEC) due to the fact that he did not have the requisite four nominees. One of the member associations had also supported another candidate and as a result both submissions were deemed ineligible leaving Nakhid with just four. Nakhid subsequently filed an appeal with CAS which he hoped would overturn the decision and enable him to stand in February's election to replace outgoing president Sepp Blatter, but CAS dismissed his case with the following statement:

"The CAS has dismissed the appeal and upheld the FIFA AEC decision," a statement said.

"In appealing to the CAS on November 13, 2015, Mr Nakhid sought the annulment of the challenged decision and an order that his candidacy be reinstated.

"In line with the FIFA AEC, the CAS Panel found that one member association had issued declarations of support to two candidates, including one for Mr Nakhid, in violation of the applicable FIFA rules.

"As a consequence, those letters of support were disregarded, meaning that David Nakhid had not met the qualifying criterion of obtaining declarations of support from at least five member associations, and accordingly, his candidature could not be validated."

The CAS has indicated that they will reveal the reasons for rejecting the appeal, next week. 

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