Officer Slain in Early Morning Shooting

Four persons have been held by the police, in connection with a double murder involving a police officer. PC Russell Ramnarine and UWI engineering student, Avery Keshwar, were killed in a shooting that took place at around 5:15 this morning, outside of a popular barbeque outlet in Aranquez.

It was reported that PC Ramnarine and another officer from the St Joseph Police Crime Patrol, were responding to a robbery reported by Keshwar, about a stolen phone among other items. The officers accompanied Keshwar to Aranguez to meet with a suspect connected with the stolen items.

The suspect is reported to have run off upon noticing the officers. Keshwar and Ramnarine remained with the vehicle while the other officer gave chase along Williams Street, Aranguez. They were found dead in the vehicle after loud explosions were heard coming from the nearby barbeque outlet.

Investigations are still ongoing

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