Accused Woman Beater To Spend Christmas With Wife

The man caught on video abusing his common law wife, Ruth Mulchan, at a bar in Arima, will be allowed to spend time with her and the remainder of his family during the Christmas season.

Ricardo Jerome made the request for the time through his attorney, Fareed Ali, when he appeared at the Arima Magistrates Court earlier this morning. The court granted the request despite one of the main reasons for Jerome being granted bail, was that he stayed away from Mulchan.  

This was done because Ali argued that it was a special circumstance due to the Christmas season and the couple having a child together. It was also noted that Mulchan herself had indicated that she wanted to spend time with her common-law husband for the Christmas holidays.

Jerome will spend Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Old Year’s Day and New Year’s Day, with Mulchan and their child.

It was reported that the state was not yet ready to proceed with its case against Jerome and the matter was adjourned to February 2, 2016

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