Banks: CBTT Governor broke confidentiality rules

The Bankers’ Association of Trinidad and Tobago (BATT) is joining in criticism of the Central Bank Governor.

In a statement to the media the BATT said CBTT Governor Jwala Rambarran, breached confidentiality when he revealed the names of banks and other businesses in receipt of foreign exchange distributed by the Central Bank in addition to how much they received.

Rambarran made the announcement on Friday during his address at the 5th monetary policy forum in Port-of-Spain on Friday.

The BATT said the announcement was a breach of confidentiality of information that is supplied to the CBTT by the Commercial Banks, adding that the information is privileged and should remain confidential.

The Association said it will be seeking a meeting with Rambarran to discuss the curtailing of any fallout as a result of the announcement.

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