More Reports of Discarded Ballots

More reports of discarded ballot papers, allegedly with votes in favour of Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal, is reported to have been found at the Parvati Girls Hindu College, in Penal.

The discovery was made by a student early this morning. Dr Moonilal was contesting the leasdership position of the Uited National Congress in the party's internal elections on Saturday. 

Moonilal told the media he was not surprised at the report and claimed that he had pictures and other evidence of more wrong doing that took place during the internal elections. "Regrettably there are some persons within the UNC who cannot  conduct themselves half honestly," said Moonilal.

UNC Political Leader, Kamela Persard-Bissessar, cast her vote at the Parvati Girls Hindu College, and won the in a land slide victory. 

Preliminary counts show Persad-Bissessar received over 15,000 votes, against Moonilal's 1466 and Vasant Bharath's 1102.

Meanwhile Dr Rampersad Parasram, Chairman of the Internal Election Committee of the UNC, has said that despite pictures being circulated on Social media  of what appears to be discarded ballot papers, the committee cannot act unless there is a formal complaint by a credible source.

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