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With the news that Jeffrey Webb has turned state witness (with the caveat that he pleads guilty and agrees to pay back some of the money he stole) and has produced information that resulted in the arrest of 16 more FIFA it "squeaky-bum" time for Jack Warner yet, to use an Alex Ferguson idiom. Uncle Jack keeps fighting his extradition to face off with Uncle Sam and was even reported to have been in fighting form heading into his hearing. Some foreign journalists were met with his now infamous quote "Ask yuh mudder!" when posing some questions to the former 'Honourable' Minister and Acting Prime Minister.

The FBI has released their indictment against Jack Warner and twenty-six other FIFA related officials. Included in the document is evidence, supported by Webb, that he and Mr.Warner embezzled money intended for disaster relief (Haiti..*cough* cough*) among several other funds. Also inclued is evidence involving Warner's sons, one of whom has also turned state witness. 

All in all, it's a very tangled web that has been woven that the FBI is trying to navigate and disentangle in order to seek justice for the perceived crimes carried out within the US borders. We seek to keep you updated and in the know-how by providing the list of persons indicted and their status in this graphic, courtesy the NY Times,  and by giving you access to the entire indictment here.

Read at your leisure as we continue to watch this real life scandal unfold...

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