Former Health Minister says Doctors will leave if forced to work

Former Health Minister, Dr Fuad Khan, says that doctors at public hospitals will leave, if they are forced to work full time.

Dr Khan was responding today to an internal report circulated to public hospitals on November 23rd. The report instructed that specialist doctors be present, full time, at public hospitals in an effort to prevent the deaths of babies and mothers. The Former Minister said that that would be difficult to accomplish.

“You cannot expect a consultant person to be there full time with the salary that they are getting because then you will get absolutely nobody there, there will be an exodus,” Khan told the media. He indicated that consultants earn over $30,000 a month after taxes and noted that amount of money can be earned in a single day in private practice.

With regards to the report itself, Dr Khan said that it was just a piece of paper, and that no one would adhere it. “If you’re going to send a memo or letter indicating that doctors have to be around, you have to assess the implementation of that memo and see if it is happening,” said Khan, “just sending a memo does not really solve the problem.”

Khan also said when he was Health Minister a proposal was made to the Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) that specialist doctors be paid more in light of their services being needed in public institutions as well as for training purposes. However, the CPO, he told the media, rejected it.

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