Third autopsy request on Brian Smith

A third autopsy is being called for in the investigation into the death of Brian Smith, and it’s coming from the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force.

Speaking to the media on Friday Communications officer for the Defence Force Major Al Alexander said they have spoken to Forensic Pathologist Dr Valerie Alexandrov to confirm his availability and suggested to the police that he be contacted in order to perform the autopsy.

“But certainly we don’t want to influence the process so that we advised that he is available but it certainly would be up to the police to decide if a third autopsy is warranted,” Alexander said.

At a post cabinet media briefing on Thursday, Acting Prime Minister Colm Imbert said there will be no cover-up in the investigation into Smith’s death. He told the media that the National Security Minister has been instructed to send a high-ranking member of the defence force to obtain a copy of the second autopsy report done on Smith, in addition to speaking with his family.

Unsatisfied with the first autopsy report which said Smith died from drowning, his relatives demanded a second report which appears to contradict the first one.

Relatives have alleged that Smith was killed by defence force members and his body thrown into the sea. Media reports initially stated that 30 year old Smith who lived on Western Main Road, Carenage was liming with friends last Friday evening when he suddenly dove into the sea and swam out.

Family eventually made a report to the police when he could not be found. Two days later his body was spotted by a Carrerra island prison officer on his way to work in Chaguaramas.

Smith’s family members claim he was beaten and thrown into the sea. The defence force countered that Smith was in fact intoxicated and went for a swim where he drowned.

However smith’s family did not accept the explanation and demanded a second autopsy, the results of which will be released on Monday. 

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