Kamla Challenger: "No Rowley" campaign was "disgusting"

As the internal election campaigning of the United National Congress (UNC) heats up, Political Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar is being blamed yet again by one of her rivals in the internal election for the party losing the 2015 General Election.

 “Team Reconnect” led by Vasant Bharath, told the media on Tuesday that the party lost its crossover appeal  especially during the Kamla 2015 campaign. Member of Team Reconnect, Shane Mohammed who is contesting for Vice Chairman of the party, said there was a return to tribal politics and this saw a loss of 100,000 votes as opposed to maintaining the party’s cross-over appeal.

Mohammed said the party needs to move beyond its traditional strongholds to have greater national appeal in order for it to become a national party. He said the Kamla 2015 and No Rowley campaigns were divisive and caused more harm than good to the national psyche. He added the People’s National Movement’s (PNM) hashtag “#letsdothistogether” campaign became more appealing to the population than what he described as a “disgusting No Rowley” campaign.

Mohammed said that Bharath began to distance himself from the No Rowley campaign and claims that he (Bharath) said there were times when he (Bharath) did not know what was going on (with the campaign).

The party's internal election is set for December 5th 2015.

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