More amputations than days in a year in T&T

There are more amputations occurring in the country than there days in the year.

The statement comes from Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago (DATT) President Carlton Phillip. At recent World Diabetes Day observances Phillip said more than 14 per cent of the population of the country is diabetic.

“Every Monday to Friday one or more amputations take places in our nation’s hospitals as a result of diabetes complications. And at the end of that year more than 365 amputations, occurring in that year, imagine more amputations than days of the year,” Phillip told the media.

He was speaking at the Marriot Hotel where Nestlé launched two new products aimed at diabetics, fruit drinks sweetened with sugar substitute. Nestlé’s Corporate Communications Manager Denise D’Abadie said the 75 calorie drinks is part of its continued drive to reduce sugar and trans-fatty acids in its products globally.


Phillip painted an even grimmer picture of diabetes in T&T saying that 50 per cent of those who have amputations go into depression, and within two years 22 per cent of them die. The DATT President said he had personal experience with diabetes as he is himself diabetic and has been on insulin for the last ten years. He added that his 32 year old son died from diabetic complications.

The DATT also got an annual boost of $80,000 per year from the company geared toward diabetes education, awareness, and training and research, and will also go toward facilitation of a symposium in June 2016 featuring Professor Morrison, a diabetic specialist.

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