Little Aarti to be Discharged Soon After Psychiatric Assessment

Doctors say that three year old Aarti Ramkhalawan, is making a full recovery, and can be discharged from the hospital soon, after a psychiatric assessment. She celebrated her birthday on Thursday, surrounded by friends and family.

Medical Director of the San Fernando General Hospital, Dr. Anand Chattoorgoon, said that Aarti's condition is stable and that she is out of danger. "She is fine and has settled nicely, in the beginning she was crying a lot but now she's not, " said Chatoorgoon,"she had a wonderful day yesterday, the nurses showered her with love and got a cake for her"

The infant had been hospitalised after suffering cuts to the hands, face and neck after being stabbed by her father, Premnath Ramkhalawan,  at their home in Laltoo Trace on Sunday night. Mr Ramkhalawan had also killed Aarti's mother, Aarika Bhim before hanging himself. Due to the traumatic nature of the experience, Dr Chattoorgoon believes that a psychiatrist should assess the toddlers condition before she is allowed to go home.

"We have not decided when we will discharge her just yet, we may need to get a psychiatrist involved because of what she has been through," said Chattoorgoon, "but she herself is doing well"

Meanwhile, separate funeral services were held for little Aarti's parents on Wednesday


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