New boards appointed

The National Entrepreneurship Development Company (NEDCO), South West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) and the Eastern Regional Health Authority (ERHA), all received new board members today.

Speaking at the Post Cabinet Briefing today Communications Minister Maxie Cuffie said the SWRHA will be chaired by Dr Alexander Sinnannan, a registered medical practitioner. Other board members  include Valerie Rollins-Alleyne, a registered nurse; Jennifer Marryshow, a representative of local government; Jayselle Macfarlane- who Cuffie says will be representing public interest; Collin Kangaloo; and Dr Harry Smith, a representative from the Health Ministry.

Government appeared to make good on a promise to the Joint Trade Union Movement (JTUM) saying that there will be a place for Labour on boards in the country, as the Communications Minister said a labour appointee to the SWRHA board will be announced at another session.

Meanwhile, the new board of the ERHA will be chaired by Esme Rawlins-Charles.  It also includes Barbara Punch, Gloria Andrews, Dr Vishwanath Patarsingh, Indra Sinanan Ojah Maharaj and Mr Alvin Moonan.

As for NEDCO, it will now be chaired by Clarry Benn. Other board of directors include Mahindra Ramesh Ramdeen, Casandra Timothy D’Abreau, Nigel Bhagwat Saran, Kathleen Thomas, Marjorie Agnes Moore-Carrington, Ria Ramdeen and Bonnie Alexis.

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