Saviour of World Football?

Former national Captain David Nakhid has thrown his hat into the ring for FIFA Presidency. He announced his intention in an interview in Antigua this morning with Rogers Radio Caribbean.

His campaign is based on his reputation as an activist for change historically as he has never been one to shirk from a battle or a cause. His popularity in the Asian region through his academy in Lebanon coupled with his global work with refugees he hopes would stand him in good stead along with the support of his home, the Caribbean, who holds a large bloc of votes. His biggest challenge, he states, is the Caribbean mind-set where we don’t see ourselves as global leaders. He cites the history of a former Concacaf leaders having the power but ceding it to put Europeans and South Americans in charge of football. In his forthright manner, Nakhid indicated his dislike of the present system where the rest of the world call us to ask (or lobby or offer gifts and favours, however you want to phrase it) us to for our vote. In his view, we need to wield our power to reverse that trend and ask them for their support.

Nakhid holds a double major in International Relations and Economics and has played professional football throughout Europe, as well as the Middle East and of course home in Trinidad.

With this global experience behind him from a playing and coaching stand point, we expect that he would have an appreciation of what is needed to bring positive change to the football world. The question now is: would the rest of the world believe that he can make a difference?


The FIFA Elections are due on February 26th 2016.

(Pic taken from wired868)

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