Government resets public housing income ceiling

Effective immediately, Government will be resetting the limit for subsidised housing from a combined household income of $45,000 to that of $25,000.

Communications Minister Maxie Cuffie made the announcement today at the Post Cabinet Media Briefing. Cuffie said that data from the Central Statistical Office (CSO) showed that sixty percent of the population earned nine thousand dollars or less per month, and that the Housing Development Corporation’s (HDC) operations regarding the housing policy income ceiling, was operating outside of its mandate.

“The HDC’s mandate was for low and middle income housing,” Cuffie said. He added that the raising of the limit under the previous administration to households not exceeding a combined income of $45,000 in 2014, was not feasible in allowing low income earners the chance to access public housing.

“You are taking scarce resources away from the most needy and providing subsidised housing for people who may not really need it”

The Minister said that applicants with a combined income of more than $25,000 a month will no longer be eligible for subsidised housing. This decision will come into effect for applicants who have yet to receive keys to their homes and will not affect those that have already received housing. “The primary purpose of this measure is to ensure that the HDC operates according to its mandate as enshrined in law,” Cuffie told the media.

The redistribution of houses by the HDC is set to resume this Saturday, with a planned distribution in Diego Martin that will include areas such as Chaconia Gardens.

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