Families in mourning over road fatalities

Families are still reeling from the loss of two people killed in road accidents at the weekend.

68 year old Una Begrave was killed when the vehicle she was in was hit by another vehicle attempting to overtake her on the shoulder of the Solomon Hochoy Highway. Reports say that the St. Thomas village resident was in the company of three other people in the vehicle when a Mercedes Benz- driven by a businessman from St. Augustine, came into contact with the Lancer the occupants were in.

This caused the vehicle to run off the road and reports indicate the driver of the Mercedez Benz fled the scene. All four were trapped in the car but by the time assistance came from police, Belgrave died. The others were taken to the Chaguanas District Health Facility where they were treated and said to be in a stable condition.

The driver of the Mercedez Benz eventually arrived at the Chaguanas Police Station accompanied by his attorney. Reports say he failed an initial Breathalyzer test.

Investigations are continuing.

Meantime, in the second incident, 28 year old Rennie Sookdeo- a Caroni resident, reportedly stopped in the vicinity of Grand Bazaar following his vehicle coming into contact with the median.

He exited to check for damage but reports say that he was struck by a vehicle heading in the same direction. Police are searching for the driver of that vehicle.

Sookdeo was then reportedly hit by three more drivers.

Police described the scene as gruesome. They are appealing to motorists to be more vigilant and careful in their driving.

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