Warner assists Der Kaiser

Der Kaiser, Franz Beckenbauer has received some support in the form of ‘Uncle’ Jack Warner who has denied ever having a signed document from the embattled german legend regarding Germany's hosting of the 2006 World Cup.

Beckenbauer has been in hot water recently as the FIFA Ethics Committee continues it’s investigations and have fingered the World Cup Winning Captain and Manager as being involved in questionable transactions while the head of the Local Organising Committee for Germany 2006, notably an apparent slush fund allegedly set up to buy votes from the FIFA executive.

Recently, the headquarters of the German FA (DFB) have been raided. President Wolfgang Niersbach resigned as a result, this past Monday. A draft document then surfaced with the signature of Beckenbauer and others promising Jack Warner favours including friendlies and tickets, in exchange for support shortly before the vote on the hosts of the 2006 World Cup. Germany eventually won the bid by one vote over South Africa in 2000.

Beckenbauer himself has remained silent on the matter despite growing calls to explain his part in the scandal. 

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