T&T's First Zombie Apocalypse Run

Run for your lives! On Saturday 7th November the Queens Park Savannah was filled with costumed superheroes, ghouls, villains and even your average gym man, for the first ever Halloween themed fun run to be held in Trinidad and Tobago, the Zombie Apocalypse Run.

Hosted by My Team Events (MTE), the Zombie Run was a unique experience. Fun loving runners from across the country gathered to test their strength and stamina, through a 3.5 kilometre course, while being chased by a horde of flesh starved zombies. Participants had the option of registering as either a human or as a zombie.

As a human one dressed up in one's favourite Halloween costumes or fitness gear and was equipped with a belt that contained three life flags. The aim was to make it through the course with life flags still intact, by avoiding the zombie horde as best as possible through three zombie zones. Humans, who took photos at the Triniscene.com photo booth station, were awarded an extra life flag to aid in their survival. Some employed a strategy to blitz their way past the horde in a full on sprint, while others preferred safety in numbers, sometimes sacrificing others to make their escape.

As a zombie, participants were transformed, by professional special effects makeup artists, into creatures of the walking dead. They were then herded into the zombie zones to terrorize the passing humans and to take as many life flags as possible. And these were not the slow moving zombies that one may hope to expect; no; these were the kind to chase one down with a ravenous hunger. The humans were not alone to strategies moving in a group, as the zombies also hunted in packs, as well as employing stealth sneak attacks from the bushes and trees.

Many humans lost their life flags to the horde, with some so terrified that they ran at breakneck speed into the waters of the pond at the Hollows in an effort to make their escape. There were medals awarded to all who crossed the finish line with special prizes and giveaways for the Humans who had the most life flags still intact, as well as for the Zombie who grabbed the most life flags.

The Zombie Run event was also to raise funds for the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society (TTCS). Every $10 from ticket sales went towards the TTCS for cancer awareness and treatment programs. There were a series of pre event activities that took place on the day as well. These were fitness competitions that pitted participants in endurance exercises such as push ups, sit ups and planking. The winners of these activities were given prizes such as gift baskets and vouchers.

In keeping with the theme of fitness, there was also a Zumba session that took place before the actual Zombie Run. Human and zombie alike, danced to the beat of rhythmic styles while engaging in challenging and fun moves. These only warmed the bodies of some, while others were left panting for breath before they all dashed across the Queens Park Savannah to face the Zombie Apocalypse.

The first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago, the Zombie Run was a thrilling evening of excitement, terror and fitness that ended with an after party at the Earth Bar and Restaurant on Cipriani Boulevard. It fit the bill of being truly unique and gave its participants something they will never forget.

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