Fantasy introduces new band: Entice

As part of its five year anniversary, Fantasy Carnival is gifting their loyal masqueraders with the ultimate gift: a brand new exclusive mas band called "Entice Carnival."
Entice is all part of the Fantasy Carnival Organisation’s evolution and long-term plan, and was designed to facilitate a much smaller and more intimate but equally fun experience.
Spokesperson for the new band, Shelby Dasent described the new entity as “the inevitable evolution of Fantasy.”

“Fantasy Carnival was designed to be all about fun,” she explained.

“So the committee always had a plan to form another unit once the numbers reached a certain level, so that we maintain high levels of service and the fun quality premium experience that our masqueraders have come to expect and enjoy. Entice will be smaller and is designed to be the ultimate street party for friends and family. Fantasy is still the more premium experience overall, but we created Entice for those who believe that less is more on the road and prefer a more intimate experience Monday and Tuesday.”

For excited masqueraders itching to register, both Fantasy and Entice will share a new mas-camp home dubbed “Alberto Place.”
Located at 6 Alberto Street in Woodbrook, the new mas camp opened its doors today as pre-registration for Fantasy's "I WI5H" began.
The Entice team will unveil their 2016 presentation “Lavish” -which will contain nine sections, on Friday night at O2 Park Chaguaramas.


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