Ag AG: Single fathers not being treated unfairly by courts

Acting Attorney General Stuart Young says he thinks it would be a fallacy to believe that there is no legislation that deals with court orders from other jurisdictions.

Young was responding to questions regarding the recent protest by the Single Father’s Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SFATT), who recently protested outside the Office of the Attorney General. The association complained of unfair treatment by magistrates and judges at the family court. Head of the SFATT Rhondall Feeles, said it was an abusive practice whereby children were being moved from one jurisdiction to another without permission from both parents. He called on the National Security Ministry, the Judiciary and the Attorney General to look into the matter.

However, Young today said that it’s more complicated than that. “There are issues of sovereignty, jurisdiction of court, issues of recognition of international law. But I think it would be wrong to say that our current legislation in place does not deal with it. I think it comes down to interpretation of international law.”

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