"Green Days By The River" to be made into a movie.

Shell, Rosalie, and Mr. Gidharee…. Allyuh remember those names?

Yuh can’t remember that local book you read in school “Green days by the River?” Well hear what… it’s coming to the big screen next year!

Trinidadian Author Michael Anthony’s seminal novel will be brought to life by Director Michael Mooleedhar. “We have been working hard to make Green Days by the River become a reality as a means to help build a Caribbean Film industry and own our cinema,” he said. “As Director of the project I am extremely excited for the journey to come. Green Days is a simple story, but the coming of age experience is a universally complex one.”

“Green Days” tells the story of the formative years of a boy growing up in Mayaro, illustrating the wonder of a country and a boy on the cusp of great change.
The colonial tale is loved throughout the Caribbean and has helped make author Michael Anthony- recipient of the Hummingbird Medal (Gold), a household name.
The film adaption of Green Days by the River is generating significant buzz in Trinidad and Tobago, heightened by its selection into the exclusive Caribbean Film Mart as one of only 15 projects chosen from over 100 applicants in the Region. Films were chosen by the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival team and affiliated film associations based on their potential for advancing the Caribbean film landscape.

Dawn Cumberbatch heads the scripting while TSTT, the National Library and Information Service of Trinidad and Tobago (NALIS), Addicted to Progress, and EXIM Bank are among the film’s financiers.

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