Abuse-accused claims death threats

There are reports that Dexter Gobin, who has been accused of the abuse of a two year old girl, has been receiving death threats.

His attorney, Fareed Ali, says he wrote to Prisons Commissioner Sterling Stewart, to alert him of the threats by other prisoners whom he said called into radio stations and posted on social media that will physically harm him.

Gobin appeared before a Tunapuna court on Monday where reports say prisoners also threatened to kill him. Thirty two year old Gobin is accused, along with his twenty year old wife, Jamaican born Yanique Gobin, of wilfully assaulting a minor on October 17th and 24th. They were arrested after a video that went viral appeared to show Dexter slapping the two year old girl to the floor several times, then pulling her up by her hair when she refused to drink milk left for her by her mother.

He is not the father of the child, but was babysitting for a relative. The couple was arrested in Vistabella after the video went viral and they went into hiding. They live in St. Joseph.

Yanique Gobin has been detained at the Women’s Penitentiary for overstaying her legal time in the country. She and her husband were married earlier this year, but she will have to leave for Jamaica before she is allowed to return to apply for residency.

Her husband was granted $150,000 bail and has to check in with the St. Joseph police station Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

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