Denise Belfon narrowly escapes death

Soca artist, Denise Belfon, is continuing her recovery from a near fatal vehicular accident in the Bahamas this weekend.

Belfon and her manager, Natasha Thomas, landed on the Bahamian island of Eleuthera on Saturday, October 24th, and were on their way to the artist’s scheduled concert, “Denise Belfon Live" at Club Secrets, Palmetto Point.

The Examiner reports that at around 6 p.m. the vehicle they were travelling in started to experience a mechanical malfunction four miles away from the venue. This caused the driver, Clifford Sands, to lose control, overturning the vehicle.

Both Belfon and her manager were airlifted to the Levy Medical Clinic in New Providence for treatment along with three other injured individuals, Stephen Bain, Isabella Joseph and Perez Smith.

According to an observer on the scene of the accident, the incident could have been more severe, stating that the roads on the island are long and winding within hilly areas. The individual said that most of the vehicular accidents on the island usually end in fatalities.

(Photo courtesy: The Examiner)

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