Privy Council still to decide on Section 34


A decision is yet to be made by the London-based Privy Council on Cection 34 of the Administration of Justice (Indictable Proceedings Act).

Lawyers for businessmen Steve Ferguson, Ameer Edoo, and three businesses, took their argument to the Privy Council to have Section 34 reinstated.

Lawyers argued that the law was only repealed due to public pressure in the media and also that it was repealed due to matters related to the Piarco Airport scandal were before the court. The lawyers argued that it was a perfectly good piece of legislation.


Section 34 was proclaimed on august 31st 2012 but was quickly repealed after public outcry when it was revealed that those who have been charged under that law with fraud and other related offenses, could have their cases dismissed should they not begin after ten years.

Twenty six people moved to apply to the court to have their cases dismissed, including those charged with fraud in the Piarco Airport scandal.

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