T&T Gymnasts going for gold in Scotland

Team Trinidad and Tobago (TTO) arrived in Glasgow on Friday 16th October for the 46th World Gymnastics Championships which takes place 16th October - 1st November 2015. A record number of five hundred gymnasts will compete over the six day period for world titles and qualifications to Rio 2016 in team, all round and individual apparatus events.  Team TTO will compete in all round and individual apparatus events.


Our national team consists of Male Artistic Gymnast (MAG) Joseph Fox, and Women Artistic Gymnasts (WAG) Thema Williams and Marisa Dick. Their coaches are Colin Leigh (City of Manchester Institute of Gymnastics), John Geddert (Twistars Gymnastics - Michigan US) and Ovidiu Serban (Ortona Gymnastics - Edmonton CAN). The HOD is Anita Pelletier (Brevet judge) and the Massage Therapist is Nicole Fuentes.


The WAG Qualifier for our duo takes place on Friday 23rd October. Thema and Marisa are in Mixed Group thirteen, which starts on vault in session four at 4:05PM in Scotland (11:05AM in the Caribbean). The girls looked great at Podium Training on Monday at the Hydro and have quite a fan base already! Marisa prior to the team’s departure said that she is excited and “can’t wait to show the world what team TTO has to bring to the table!”  The ladies will also compete in floor exercise, uneven bars and balance beam.

Joseph goes into action on Monday 26th October in Mixed Group 17 (Session 7) starting on the Pommel Horse at 4:05PM. This is his second international for Trinidad and Tobago. His debut for the red, white and black was last month at the Grand Prix Osijek Challenge Cup (Osijek, Croatia).  Joe recently relocated to City of Manchester Institute of Gymnastics, and is a first year student at the nearby University of Manchester. The championships will also see him in floor exercise, vault, parallel bar, high bar and rings.

This meet is the first rung qualifying championships event for the 2016 Olympic Games.

The full competition schedule:



23 OCTOBER 2015
WAG Qualifying & Opening Ceremony
SESSION TIME 08:50 - 15.35

08.50 - 15.35
1 Spain, MXG 21, MXG 23, Romania
2 Japan, Austria, MXG 1, MXG 22
3 MXG 20, Canada, MXG 17, Sweden

WAG Qualifying
16.05 - 22.45
4 MXG 13, MXG 5, Great Britain, Brazil

5 MXG 10, Italy, MXG 9, Russia
6 MXG 2, Poland, Germany, MXG 8

24 OCTOBER 2015
WAG Qualifying
08.50 - 15.35
7 MXG 19, MXG 18, North Korea, China
8 MXG 15, South Korea, MXG 12, Belgium
9 MXG 4, MXG 7, France, Australia
WAG Qualifying 
16.05 - 22.45
10 MXG 11, Netherlands, MXG 3, USA
11 MXG 24, Greece, MXG 6, Mexico
12 Hungary, Switzerland, MXG 14, MXG 16

25 OCTOBER 2015
MAG Qualifying
08.50 - 15.50
1 Puerto Rico, Brazil, MXG 5, MXG 21, MXG 1, Great Britain
2 MXG 7, MXG 13, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, MXG 3
MAG Qualifying
16.25 - 23.00
3 MXG 20, China, Belgium, Japan, MXG 16, MXG 10
4 MXG 22, MXG 8, MXG 15, South Korea, Greece, Colombia

26 OCTOBER 2015
MAG Qualifying
08.50 - 15.35
5 France, MXG 24, Ukraine, MXG 19, MXG 23, Hungary

6 MXG 18, Canada, Spain, MXG 2, Mexico, MXG 9
MAG Qualifying
16.05 - 22.40
7 Netherlands, MXG 17, USA, Belarus, MXG 14, MXG 4
8 Italy, MXG 6, Romania, MXG 11, Chinese Taipei, MXG 12

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