Get ready for a "Different Side of 5 Star Akil"

From radio DJ, to full-fledged artiste, 5 Star Akil has come a long way, and he is finally ready to tell his story!
Back in 2001 Akil went through a life altering ordeal which changed his perspective and outlook on everything.
Making a full recovery from the incident, he went on to focus on his music career, churning out hits like "Partier," "To Meh Heart," "Noise" and "Untamed."
Talking about what happened to him was something he had planned to do over the years, but a busy touring schedule and flourishing career made that impossible.
Now, four years later, he is finally ready to tell all. Teaming up with his long-time Director, Dori Productions, Akil will release a documentary titled "Different Side Of Me" which will debut on his Vevo account next month.
“Different Side of Me” will also take fans along on the recording process of a brand new song which is scheduled to be released in September.

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