Office of the AG: Urgent report commissioned into alleged conduct by lawyers

An urgent report has been commissioned by the Office of the Attorney General following reports that two attorneys continued to represent a client even though the client was dead for two years.

In a release from the Office of the Attorney General, acting Attorney General Stuart Young  said the allegations in a media report that attorneys Gerald Ramdeen and Varun Debideen represented Ronald James- despite him being dead, are serious.

The state has claimed that due to the failure of Ramdeen and Debideen to inform the court of their client’s death has “resulted in the claim unlawfully proceeding for almost two years during which time costs have been unnecessarily incurred and judicial time wasted.”

James was shot dead in October 2013. He was arrested by officers of the Four Roads Police Station in March 2013, and held for four hours. The attorneys for James sued the state for damages on his behalf for false imprisonment.

Meantime, the Law Association has said it was concerned about the legal fees paid to attorneys hired by the state totalling nearly one billion dollars. The details were laid in parliament during the budget debate by Attorney General Faris Al Rawi.

In a release, the Association said it has assigned a sub-committee to review and make recommendations on the request of the Attorney General to ensure that best international practice is adhered to.

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