City Police to resume wrecking in Port-of-Spain

Wrecking is to begin again in Port-of-Spain by the City Police, so says Port-of-Spain Mayor, Raymond Tim Kee.

In an interview with in July this year, Mayor Tim Kee said wrecking continued by the Central Police for some time after the Mayor’s office decided to halt wrecking by City Police.

The Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA) has been vocal about the challenges posed to businesses by wrecking, saying it has in-part contributed to slowing sales as shoppers preferred to avoid having to fork-out five hundred dollars to reclaim their vehicles from impound.

However, speaking with the media today, Mayor Tim Kee says it has become necessary- especially for upper Port-of-Spain, some parts of Woodbrook, and St. James. The wreckers have already been ordered, he said, and will arrive in the country soon. The Mayor said that vehicles blocking driveways and those parked on pavements will not be spared, as too many drivers have become inconsiderate

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