Former Miss T&T World reps teaming up?

A curious post on Facebook from former Miss T&T World 2014, Sarah Jane Waddell has attracted the attention from recently dethroned Miss T&T World 2015 Kimberly Singh.

Waddell posted a photo with the text "Known a few crocs in my day. When your default mode is to operate without integrity. Well. It always comes back to you. Even years later. Enjoying watching karma finally reveal her hand in sweet splendor."

"You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time." Singh then commented on the post saying, "Keeping it real Sarah." Waddell responded four minutes later by saying,"Kimberly Farrah Singh we will continue to do just that. You don't need a crown to be a queen. Keep being the woman you are. X" 

During's exclusive interview with the new Miss T&T World 2015, Daniella Walcott, she stated that contestants did not have to fund themselves throughout the pageant. 

However, today Singh who was recently dethroned, said quite the opposite. 

Singh is quoted in a media report as saying "It was taken away from me. I didn't give it up willingly. I fought until the end to try to retain the title because I believe that I was cheated the opportunity to represent our country at Miss World."

"About a month ago i received a legal letter stating that I have been dethroned based on what the allegations were. I can see no clear breaches in my contract. I think my financial background had a lot to do with my inability to perform my duties because I am not financially able to fund my way to China and I have begun the process of finding and seeking sponsorship for myself all of which were forwarded to the organisation which they are completely aware of so in terms of that, that's the only thing that I can, you know, see was the problem," Singh said.

"I am required to assist,"  she continued "where sponsorship is needed but that does not mean that I fund my own entire way. But that was the information that was passed onto me in a meeting where my attorney was present." 

The Miss World T&T organisation has remained mum on this latest development.

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