Call for qualified Forensic Pathologists

The Opposition People’s Partnership is calling on the government to hire established forensic pathologists for the forensic science centre, to fill two proposed contract positions.


During the standing finance committee meeting this afternoon on the ministry of national security, former Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan called on the government to ensure that the pathologists can stand-up to stringent tests. Failure to do so, Dr Khan said, could lead to testimony in court being unable to stand up to scrutiny.


Former Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh also asked the National Security Minister, Retired Brig. General Edmund Dillion to establish accreditation for the Centre as soon as possible to allow for it to be recognised internationally as an accredited body.


Minister Dillon said while there is no provision for an increase at this time in Ballistics Experts at the centre, government will be looking at doing that in the future.

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