There go some taxi fares too...

Doubles prices rise.... Now taxi fares too. Commuters will face increased taxi fares from monday 12th october, as two taxi associations move to increase their rate.

The Chaguanas to Curepe taxi association president, Lester Narine said it has been years since the association called for an increase and the rising cost of living has compelled them to make such a move at this time. Narine, however, noted that despite the recent increase in fuel prices, the hike from seven to eight dollars comes due to the overall increase in the cost of living and maintainence.

Meanwhile president of the Grand Bazaar to Valsayn and Curepe taxi association, Cathy Goonraj also argued that their increased rate is not just about gas hikes but with re-routes taken since the construction of the overpass. Goonraj said her drivers can no longer contain their price and commuters will now have to pay five dollars, which is one dollar up from the original fair.

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